The pleasure of beholding a thing of beauty, the demand for ever-higher performance products and the need of higher reflect surface products.

Art Trading has established since 1987, we had changed name to Austral Star Sendirian Berhad since August 2001 for the purpose of business improvement and development.

Austral Star Sendirian Berhad understanding excellence in art of awarded for a victory or success. We are pleasure of producing trophies that recognise the best for our customer’s need and expectation toward the qualities in quality. We have all kinds of premiums products such as imported trophies, medals, frames, plaques, shields, name badges, crystals awards, glass awards, casting metals trophy, acrylic products, wood products, pewters and etc.



All of our respective customers are consist of :

  •     Local wholesalers and retailer from whole West Malaysia and East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak);                Overseas wholesalers including Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Middle East Countries, 
  •     Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe, and United States of America.
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